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Living in the moment

It’s about a year on after finishing my treatments for breast cancer and I find that cancer has impacted on my life in ways I wouldn’t have considered beforehand. An interview that I did with another breast cancer survivor in her thirties for my book UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT reflects some of the changes I have also experienced:

‘I want to reassess my life because everything has changed. It would be a mistake to try to go back to how I was. That will never be. And that is quite hard to accept sometimes. As a goal-orientated person I’ve learnt I’m often focused on the end result and I sometimes end up missing the trip there. Maybe this is teaching me that I have to enjoy what goes on along the way.

‘In life you strive for things you think are important. How comfortable you are going to be in your retirement. What job position you want to achieve. It is easy to forget there are a lot of other good things like watching your kids grow up, and keeping in touch with your family, contacting your friends more regularly, enjoying dinner parties and all those things. I’ve found I am now accepting that sometimes things aren’t going to be as big and dramatic as I might have liked, but what I’ve got is actually OK.’ Mairi

Like Mairi, I find myself now living in the moment much more than I did before I had cancer. It’s a positive and refreshing way to live.


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