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A new approach to gift giving at Christmas time

Do you get stressed buying gifts at Christmas time? Perhaps you are fed up with the consumerism at this time of the year? Here’s a wonderful idea from one the people I interviewed for LOVE IN AOTEAROA:

‘We decided as a family to have a Christmas tin. We all put in what we would have spent on presents for each other and just before Christmas we have special time, with hot chocolate and marshmallows, and we count the money and decide who will be the recipient.

We always try to choose a charity or missionary that we don’t know much about. Then we bank the money and write a cheque and send it to the recipient. We have had lovely letters back from them expressing their delight at our new tradition.

With our new way of giving at Christmas it takes huge pressure off all of us at a time of year when shopping goes crazy. Even some of our relatives have joined in and instead of sending a present to us they donate to a charity. Last year friends donated money to an African project for a goat and relatives donated to the same charity – for a heifer! That was great for us because we do not need presents and someone else benefits.’ – Heather, 42


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