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Feast or Famine

Random House

Available in Trade Paperback or e-book

Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating are rife in today’s society, affecting thousands of women and, increasingly, men. These disorders can be incredibly destructive, affecting not only the body but the mind. Food becomes a weapon of self-destruction in the face of societal problems, low self-esteem and emotional problems. 

Feast or Famine is a comprehensive guide for those currently battling an eating disorder and for their families and friends. It covers facts about each of the three main disorders and features first-hand accounts and interviews with doctors and psychologists working on the front line of the battle for recovery.

Karen, a former anorexic, knows full well the horror of being in the grip of an eating disorder. Yet the message of this book is hope, featuring the inspirational stories of survivors and many practical suggestions for getting help, including the latest information on treatment and therapy.


Praise for Feast or Famine:

'Karen McMillan has written Feast or Famine, an excellent guide for anyone either battling a disorder of their own, or needing to understand and help a family member or friend. She also puts into perspective our culture's obsessions with thinness, and dieting. Herself a former anorexic, she speaks to fellow suffers as well as professionals, and the second half of the book is a very practical guide to "getting help".' Margie Thomson, Herald on Sunday.


'Karen McMillan gives an honest, intelligent account of eating disorders and where to turn for help.' Air New Zealand Magazine 

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