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From my book Feast or Famine comes some interesting numbers that might surprise you:

  • The amount of money the diet industy makes every year: US$40 billion (and no doubt more since my book was published)

  • The percentage of people currently on a diet who do not mee...

We all decry the tradition of foot binding in China, and are shocked when we see photographs of women with discs in their lips or wearing neck rings, but we now live in a society in which a recent study showed that half of all six-year-old girls are self-conscious abou...

This is the time of the year for New Year resolutions, and typically they involve things like quitting smoking or losing weight. Well, before you start that diet consider this from my book, FEAST OR FAMINE:


There seems no definitive reason why our culture has become so...

Are you dissatisfied with your weight? Then you are not alone. Here’s some facts from my book FEAST OR FAMINE:


  • Young girls are more afraid of being fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer or losing their parents.

  • Twenty years ago the average fashion model wei...

Death to the diet!


I was anorexic when I was a teenager, so I know intimately the devastating effects of this potentially deadly illness. I’m been fully recovered for many years now and have written a book about eating disorders, Feast or Famine, which examines anorexi...

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I hope they are ones that are creative and inspiring and that you are pursuing your dreams. If you have losing weight on your list – please take it off now! Diets are often the trigger for eating disorders, and can result in we...

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