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 So thrilled that the German edition of Everyday Strength is now available! 

More information for German readers here:


It is so lovely for the NZ Listener to do a feature about my writing life and inspiration! Check out their latest edition!


ongratulations to Amelia Wright who won the competition to be named one of the characters in book two of Elastic Island Adventures! I hope everyone will enjoy the fictional Amelia in Port Mugaloo! I wonder who will win the competition to have their name as a character...

A Year at Hotel Gondola is Nicky Pellegrino’s tenth novel, and it has all the trademarks of her previous books – food, friendship and love, all with an Italian backdrop. This time the action is set in Venice. Kat Black is a fifty-year-old adventurer and TV presenter wh...

The Lucky Galah is one of the most original books I’ve read in a long time. Set in Western Australia in the sleepy town of Port Badminton, the story opens in 1964. The race to go into space is on, and NASA installs a satellite dish at Port Badminton, and the techies be...

The Family Next Door is a book that explores the secrets of a small community at Pleasant Court during a Melbourne heatwave. On the outside, this would seem the safest of suburbs with happy families enjoying raising their children, perfect suburbia. When Isabelle arriv...

Kristin Hannah is the bestselling author of the much-praised The Nightingale, and her new novel, The Great Alone takes us to the vast wild expanses of Alaska. But once again Kristin Hannah has written an extraordinary novel with a wonderful sense of place, unforgettabl...

The Innocent Wife is a claustrophobic, atmospheric and creepy psychological thriller.

Samantha is a 31-year-old school teacher from England who is drawn to the story of Dennis Danson, who has been arrested and imprisoned for the murder of a young girl in Florida’s Red R...

White Chrysanthemum is a beautifully- written novel that shines a light on the terrible plight of so-called ‘Comfort Women’ during the Second World War. It is a riveting, powerful account that left me feeling devastated for the real-life women who were forced into sexu...

When Cassy’s family said goodbye to her at Heathrow airport, they never imagined there was a chance that they might never see her again. It was supposed to be a short holiday in New Zealand with her boyfriend, before returning home to be a bridesmaid for a good friend....

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